A big part of many of the events that we have worked on has been our work with games design. Working with a software called ‘RPG Maker’, we have previously helped young people create a full Indie/RPG game ‘UnderHull’ as well as worked with them to create demonstrations, presentations-through-gaming, and other works. We are now working on a brand new game experience, currently under the working title ‘Four Isolated Nightmares’. The finished UnderHull game features custom art commissioned from an artist on one of Goodwin’s projects, as well as a complete original soundtrack available for download on Bandcamp.

The gaming side of YAT has been remarkably successful – we’ve previously had mini game stalls and demonstrations of our work at Princes Quay during the ‘Coolture’ event, as well as a stall at the first Humber Tech Expo in 2019 and a virtual stall in the 2020 virtual Tech Expo! Games design has also been one of our most successful sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic, with enthusiastic learners eager to share their ideas in virtual discussion spaces! We hope to continue working with young people to bring out their ideas in gaming. We also want to expand our work – teaching young people how to create their own custom designs and artwork to incorporate into the games they design.

This work on gaming has previously resulted in working with young people to put on gaming events: most prominently the two HU3 events, in which staff and guests discussed the gaming world and visitors could play retro-games consoles. Currently there are no plans for a third in-person event, but keep an eye on this site and our social media for more details!